Year of the FAT.


Bike life in Swedish Lapland

There is no question about it. Fat bikes are here to stay. Going from underground, small companies to the big brands they are becoming the next big bicycle trend.
Fat bikes has been around since about 1999. The first one was created by Mark Gronewald and its origin is rooted in Alaska.

But it was Surly that took fat tires to the masses with the first mass produced fat bike Pugsly.

In 2004 the seed of 9:zero:7 was planted and the first aluminium fat bike was to come from the small Alaskan bike company. They wanted to take the Fat bike to a new level. And they sure did. 9:zero:7 is one sexy frame set.

Since then a few companies like the ones mentioned above together with Salsa cycles and Sandman from Belgium has dominated the market.
But last year something happend. In forums and in bike circles there…

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